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In this article I will explain what the Wanna Cry malware is and why it is dangerous, how to protect yourself and how to solve it if your computer gets infected.

What is the Wanna Cry virus?

Wanna Cry is a massive computer virus type ‘ransomware’ (that encrypts computers) that is infecting computers and internal networks of large companies in the world. The virus affects Microsoft’s Windows system and has infected computers in more than 150 countries that did not have the latest updates installed.

The Wanna Cry virus restricts access to your system and demands the payment of a $ 300 ransom in bitcoins to its owners to eliminate the restriction. The computer attack has already gone down in history as one of the most aggressive and, at this point, affected computers have been reported in more than 100 countries. The electronic payment method (bitcoin) has been selected as a means of payment since it allows maintaining the anonymity of the person who receives the money.

How to protect yourself from the Wanna cry virus

To prevent the Wanna cry it is recommended:

  • Have the original Windows license and update it.
  • In addition, you must ensure that all of your computer’s software is up-to-date, including your browser and the toolbar add-ons you use.
  • Use antivirus software with firewall protection enabled and updated.
  • Back up your information to avoid losing your data.

Other recommendations made by Microsoft on its website are:

  • Do not click on the links in your emails that you consider suspicious.
  • Avoid visiting unsafe or unreliable sites.
  • Do not click on a suspicious links on a website, Facebook page, Whatsapp and other applications.
  • If you receive an email from a known person with a link, ask him / her before opening the link to confirm it. It is important to note that infected computers forward random emails to the contact list with the virus link.
  • Fraudulent emails that use names similar to popular services such as PayePal instead of PayPal or use popular service names.

How to clean the Wanna cry

Make use of the ransomware removal tool of your antivirus software, which should search and remove any attempted ransomware found on your computer. 

These tools will do the following:

  • Remove ransomware viruses from your computer
  • Decrypt any file that was encrypted during the attack
  • They will also inform you about the types of ransomware and show you what they look like


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