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Today we are going to talk about why a computer gets spoiled at the software level (software = programs) and operating systems, 90% of the faults and failures of a computer,regardless of the operating system, are the human factor, given that the majority of users, think that to obtain a determined product (understanding product as a song, program, video or files)  they have to install programs, these end up being either viruses or generate advertising on their computer causing the computer to slow down.

This is how a computer gets spoiled:

Installing unknown programs.

  •  Read before giving yes to an emerging window if it is unknown.
  •  Do not believe in deceptive advertising.
  • Install one antivirus only since having more than one causes computers to run slow.


The most frequent ways that a PC is damaged

At some point we will find that our PC gives us a problem, that we think we can usually fix ourselves with the help of a friend or by consulting on the Internet and we hope they are the minimum, the breakdowns will be somewhat more complicated and difficult to solve However, if we analyze the reasons for many of these breakdowns, we will see that they are due to errors that we make ourselves, either by mistake or trying to solve them. Here is a brief list of what causes the most common breakdowns in home PCs, and with this we hope that many problems will not occur.

1 – Don’t Leave your PC in the hands of children for a while.

This is one of the most common problem that occurs and many people come to us for technical support, explaining that before your children were using the PC, It worked perfectly.  In this case, and if we want the smallest one of the house to learn something from the computer or play, it is best to be in charge and supervise them while they use it.

2 – Start erasing things.

One of the most known problems is that the computer cannot boot for “some” reason. When we asked what happened and if there have been recent changes in the system, occasionally we hear that the hard disk was full and things have been deleted to increase the space. Remember that you should only remove programs with the “Add or Remove Programs” functions from the Configuration Panel, or with the uninstaller that comes with the program to be deleted.

3  Open emails from unknown sources.

Even if we open files that come attached from people we know can be very harmful to our team. If we open an email that contains some type of virus or malicious code. We can find a real problem depending on its nature. Many viruses only use our PC to spread to other computers, but some directly attempt to totally destroy our system. To avoid this, when we suspect an email is harmful, it is best to pass a good antivirus before opening it.

4 Replacing a power source can be catastrophic if we do not do it properly, look at the specifications if you have to change this device make sure it fits the equipment you have. Otherwise you can burn some important internal piece.

5. Downloading free software can be dangerous, although not all this type of software is harmful. If we are going to download it, we must do it from reliable sources that inform us that it has not caused damage to other computers before.

6. Last and most frequent than what we think is to hit the computer. We may have hit a part of the computer by accident or maybe dropped it. This causes many of the breakdowns that require technical services.

Why the solution is not always to buy new computers

In the case of a particular person, who has 1 or 2 computers, waiting to be spoiled, to assume some kind of expense can be logical, since you do not need to hire a computer maintenance company and be paying every month. In those cases, the logical thing is to try to keep it as good as possible, and only go to our technical service when you need a repair of the computer. But what about the company that has 40 or 50 PCs? What about the university that has hundreds of computers in computer rooms, laboratories, secretaries, libraries, faculties? There are many reasons why it is better for you to fix a computer than to replace equipment.

You take less risks:

Buying a computer takes at least a few days, between which you decide which one you choose and install all the programs. What happens when you have a client waiting? A maintenance company provides replacement equipment in case one of your computers does not work, in addition to fixing your computer problem.

You keep the investment: you will not have to invest in new computers every time one is damaged because it will lengthen your life time through computer maintenance, improvements, etc. Think about it: to install Windows 10, add RAM, change the power supply or put a more powerful processor you do not need a new computer.·

You have technical assistance: the larger the network, the more complicated any repair becomes. We rely on technology to earn an income: not being able to work with computers is losing money. You need a professional to come, see it and solve it as soon as possible.

It is even recommended to avoid the number of times you have to “fix” the computer for the lack of preventive computer maintenance (if you do not know this topic, I advise you that you read the article “Computer maintenance, corrective or preventive?” To clear your doubts).

Example: Let’s put the case that you have an agnus horribilis in your company and you break 4 teams in a year and decide to replace them: you would assume an expense of $2,400. For the maintenance of those 4 PCs, you can make them last longer and you only pay between $ 16 and $ 150 per month. You will discover that it is not true that computer equipment breaks down in such a short time and your investment in computers can be used for more years. However, it is true that in some cases the repair itself may not be worth it, and it is more advisable to replace the PC. A computer company that works well will aim to avoid these extremes.

How often do you buy new computers in your company? Have you thought about what you could save with laptop repair?

Chat with our expert technicians, or give us a call we will be glad to assist you.