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*Where are your technician located?

All our team are located in Orlando Florida and most are bilingual Spanish and English as their first language. You will be attended by local agents that is at Eastern Standard Time. We do not outsource are business to reduce helpdesk cost.

*Will your remote assistance system work if I’m on a wireless network?

Yes, we work with the latest remote assistance soft wear. High speed internet connection is require for our remote assistance soft wear to connect to your computer. A wireless network is not a problem for our techs, as long as you are not using a Dialup connection. Even if you have a virus on your computer, we can still connect to it and remove it.

 *How long do I have to wait before an agent take my phone call?

The average hold time is 30 seconds. If all our agents are busy, we’ll take your call back number and one of our agent will reach you as soon as possible.

*How much time you need to fix my computer?

The repair time may vary, each case is different. The average PC Tune Up takes about 45 minutes. The average virus removal takes from one to two hours. Our service is significantly fast compare to the local repair shop that may take a week for a simple repair

*Do I have to assist the technician the entire time until my computer is fixed?

No, we will need your assistance just to initiate the remote connection. This may take up to five minutes of your time. Once the technician start working on your computer you are free. You may watch everything the technician do to your computer, we do not block your screen. Once the technician has fixed your computer, you will get a message in big letters stating he finished, alone with a report of all the work done.

*I am outside the United States, can I still buy your service?

Yes, we believe we are one of the best PC repair service and we are willing to help anyone in the world. Even if you unable to call out toll free number, you may chat with us via web. Then we can arrange a conversation via Skype and one of our technician will fix your problem.

*Is the payment information secure when paying for your service?

Our payment gateway is PCI compliance and is totally secured. You don’t need to worry about your payment information being hacked or stolen. We do not store any payment information in our CRM. Feel secure for paying for your service at

*Will I see any charges on my phone bill?

No, we have a toll free number which is totally free for anyone who calls We pay for all phone calls. You do not need to worry about any charge on your phone bill.

*How will this charge appears on my credit card statement?

Our bill will appear on your credit card statement as

We accept all major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discovery.

*In case your technician cannot fix my computer, do I get a refund?

If we cannot fix your computer you will get a full refund. Our technician team is one of the best in the industry and if we cannot fix it online, we can send a technician on site. Whatever the case may be, you are in good hands. Our commitment is to repair your computer.

*What should I do if I am not satisfaction with the service?

If we already fixed your computer and you notice you are still having the same problems, you can give us a call and we will take a second look at your computer. If there is no solution to the problem, we’ll issue a full refund with no questions asked.

*I have a virus that is preventing me from accessing the internet, can you still help me?

Yes, we use many methods to connect to your computer and remove said virus. Just give us a call and we’ll be glad to help you.

*My computer does not boot. Can you still help me?

If your computer does not boot we can send an onsite technician to fix the issue. Please give us a call and an agent will be glad to assist you.

*Do you support all operating systems?

We support Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and Linux.